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Renée’s Garden 

The passions of life are created everyday. The kitchen can only work if the ingredients are available to create a recipe. Our garden is a passion that my husband Carl and I share.

Our garden is broken into four sections; the front garden focuses on herbs. The herb garden is located just outside the kitchen door for easy access. Our vegetable garden is located in the back of our property and offers a wide range of produce starting in late April when the first lettuce, rhubarb and Swiss chard appear. Our garden provides continual fruits and vegetables until late fall with the final harvest of pumpkins and squash.

Garden Photo

My love for roses has now grown to the creation of a formal rose garden with over 150 very special roses to cut for our home from May through October. The final section is a wild perennial garden that offers color to our yard from March to November. The photographs in my book of vegetables and flowers all were taken in our garden. I will share pictures and tips on a regular basis as I build this blog. On February 20 th we had 20 yards of mushroom compost delivered to be spread across our herb and vegetable gardens. We were fortunate to have a local source like H & B Topsoil in Tacoma, Washington to provide great compost for our gardens. To contact them call 253-472-1252.



Gardening Tips

Garden Photo

Perfect weekend to be in the
garden. I planted a parsley
hedge that is the border for my
herb garden. Curley leaf for
garnish and flat leaf for flavor.

I lost so many rosemary plants
during the snow in Seattle this
year so I stuck six new ones in
the ground. It will take a couple
of years for them to catch up.

Lovage is coming up and I can’t
wait to stuff it under the skin of
my roasted chickens. Lovage
has that mild celery flavor, try
adding it to your favorite potato
soup recipe. The seeds when
dried are often sold as celery

Lovage grows like a weed up to
seven feet tall, so take care
where you plant in your garden.


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